The series of carbon fabrics are made from high tensile strength PAN fiber, through process of oxidization, spinning, weaving, and carbonization. The raw material is originated from china. It is widely used in the scope of fire control, steel making, shipbuilding, light industry, space flight, military affairs etc.
The price of this kind of fireproofing are lower than the import's far, it is Hi-Tech new products with good prospect, cheap and excellent. It is an upgrading regeneration product of the asbestos goods.
technical index of PAN base deoxygenate fiber
name  appearance index
PANOX Black bright continuous filament specification 3K.6K
Density >=1.36g/cm3
Intensity 0.2-0.6GPA
Extend 10-26%
Limit of Oxygen Index >=45
Flame Resistant Fibers
Flame Resistant Fibers
appearance: Black twill 
Fabrics weight280gram /square meter 
density: Warp Density 210/10cm
Weft Density (end/inch)160/10cm
Fabrics width1-1.5m
Bursting Strength ( end/inch):
         Warp Density>=600n
        Weft Density>=450n
Elongation before break:
Warp Density12%
Weft Density12%
Special function of the fabric: 
1.patched with aluminum foil it can resist heat radiation, insulate against heat.
It is the best fabric of the yard where is high heat radiation. 
2.applied waterproof glues it has the special function of waterproof. It is the best surface fabric to make fire-fighting clothes. 
3.If deoxygenate thread interweave with fire retardant fiber, it can made into fireproof fabric which can make high temperature clothes.
TC fire-resistant flet
TC fire-resistant felt is made by no weaving, adopt deoxygenate thread, Kevlar and other NON-BURN material etc. The main use is: Fire prevention and insulate against heat, dusk-strains, decorate, fig leaf that the flame splashes, etc. It is upgrading regeneration product of the asbestos. It can mix material According with different product than to make low price and high efficient. 
technical index
Fabrics weight:>=300g/m2
Fabrics width:1-1.5m
fireless 700ºC
Warp Strength:>=10kg/5?0kg
Weft Strength:>=10kg/5?0kg
1000 ºC  KC fire prevention fabric
KC fire prevention fabric to is blending-weaved from Kevlar and deoxygenates thread. It has characteristic of deoxygenate fabric, it also has the characteristic of good wear ability and high intensity, which is the best fabric of the special military clothes. It can cover the weapon of high temperature and make fire control fight clothes.
KC  technical index
appearance:  blue, brill
Fabrics weight:260g/m2
Fabrics width:1.44m
Bursting Strength:
  Warp Density>=950N
 Weft Density>=830N
Elongation before break:
 Warp Density18%
 Weft Density15%