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Series Y2 Motors
The series Y2 motors (center height 80-355mm, 0.18-315kw) are totally enclosed fan cooled, three-phase , squirrel cage induction motors. Series Y2 three-phase induction motors and general low voltage three-phase induction motors of basic series Y motors of basic series it's up to the international standard in the nineties.
As compared with Series Y, the Series Y2 motors feature high efficiency and torque, and they are also characterized by such outstanding features as: protection degree in IP54, insulation class in F( text in class B), low noise( text at load), better structure and new artistic outline. Its cooling method is IC411. The  rated output and the mounting dimensions are fully conformed to the standard IEC and DIN 42673 (the same as series Y), series Y2 are general purpose motors suitable for driving various kinds of machines or equipments without special requirement, series Y2 are rated at 380v, 50Hz, Y-connection for motors up to 3kw, D-connection for 4kw and above. The ambient temperature is not exceeding 40oC. The altitude is not over 1000 meters above sea level. The duty is continuous way (SI).