cotton down-proot flannel

    Wuxi Xinten Textiles Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. is a joint Venture of   China  Jiangsu Xishan  Oriental  Printing   ang  Dyeing Factor and  HK longten Industry Co.,  Ltd. It was established in Jan 1993. The company is situated on  the bank  of  the beautiful Taihu  lake, and the  famous  ancient Canal, close to Hunin  highway.The total sum of  investment  is  two million  USD. There   are various kinds of  advanced  equipment, such as singeing, bleaching,dyeing, forming,varnishing, sanding, super preshrinking, softening, water-resistant, crape-resistant, resinfinishing, moth proofing, fire retarding, Annual output is more than ten  million  meters.  The company  has been g- etting prestige from customers by all  kinds  of  products, small bitches and quick diliverr.  We can  provide  you with  all kinds of  products, especially  in dyeing, and making products from down-proof   flarmel,  polyester,  indio denim. We  will  provide you with   high quality  products. We  are looking forward to cooperating   with customers from  all over the world so that we can gain development and prosperouseness.