energy storage material

      steel shell for battery is a new kind of energy storage material. (Raw material of product all applies cold-rolled steel coil imported from Japan and purchase it according to Japan cold-rolled steel coil standard JIS3141.)Now it is widely used for nickel hydrogen, nickel-cadmium, alkali manganese, lithium batteries, and the following main product types are available, namely F. D. C. SC. A. AA. AAA.. Each kind of physical, chemical, mechanical property indissators, external quality, dimensional accuracy of product are approved by foreign and domestic battery manufactures. Also this product is corrsion-resistant, anti-high temperature. Immerse shell into potassium hydride amino solution (density is 13¡ã)in normal temperature (25+/-5¡æ) for seven days or immeres shell into potassium hydride amino solution (density is 13¡ã)at high temperature(80+/-5¡æ)for 8 hours, coating layer will not spall and there's no rust and corrosion. Put shell into test box for 48 hours (temperature is 25+/-5¡æ,relative moistness>=85©‡),coating layer has no rust and corrosion.

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