Jiangsu yulong steelpipe co., ltd
Wuxi junhao kitchen appliances co., ltd

Xishan special automobile works
Wuxi huamei stinless steel co., ltd
Wuxi taihu non-lubrication oil axletree works
Wuxi xinda clean purify equipment co., ltd
Special ventilator works of xishan city
Wuxi xinglong machinery works
Jiangsu liutong machinery (group) corp.
Wuxi no.1 rubber & plastics mechawical equipments works
Wuxi chunlei convey device works
Heng Feng Cemented Carbide Product Co., Ltd
Wuxi lanhai marine fitting equipment pte ltd
Xishan city wanli farming machinery co., ltd
Wuxi hongyuan group limited liablity company
Wuxi hualian tools co., ltd
Wuxi fengfa motor repair centre
Wuxi hongda forge & press works
Xishan luoshe standard comnonent works
Wuxi huayuan kaima machinery co., ltd
Wuxi xinan electrician machinery works
Xishan xizhang danpproof devvee equipment works 
Wuxi tengyue special steel tube co., ltd
Xishan anda co., ltd
Wuxi rotary engineering co., ltd
Wuxi linfeng cleaning appliance plant
Wuxi hongtai machinery plant
Xishan pengcheng static electricity flocking machinery co., ltd
Xishan city luoshe zhang town
Xishan xunda damping device works
Wuxi tianran kitchen device co., ltd
Wuxi tongjia steel works
Wuxi bearing no.2
Wuxi taiyuan machinery product co., ltd
Electronic & Electric
Xishan fengquan electric wire & cable works
Wuxi brightsky electronic co., ltd
Wuxi dongx heavy arc-furnace co., ltd
Wuxi huada motors co., ltd
Wuxi longfeng electronic device co., ltd
Wuxi zhongcheng automatic device co., ltd
Huaguang (xishan) pistributive equipment plent
Xishan new powersupply co., ltd

Great dipper system integration (wuxi) co., ltd

Xishan city luoshe miniature & special motor Works
Xishan special pressure gauge works
Wuxi mashan television device works
Wuxi wanwang pringing & dyeing co., ltd
Pacific group company
Wuxi no.5 weaving works
Wuxi chung wei knitting & textile co., ltd
Xishan yamei embroidered article co., ltd
Wuxi no.6 weaving works
Wuxi xinten textiles printing and dyeing co., ltd
Wuxi municipal leexin world commercial co., ltd
Wuxi yuefeng decorate marterral co., ltd
Wuxi babaiban trade co., ltd
Xinghao (wuxi) handwork co., ltd
Shanghai harbor jungonglu stevedoring corp.
jingyu co., group
Wuxi zhongzhou tech comany
Wuxi huanyu metal products works
Wuxi taihu netscape city
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