Turbocharger antithrust bearing
Turbocharger bearing applies special reinforcement formula and absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology. The product has passed bench strenuous test and installation & operation check, and has assed the approval by many domestic automobile spare parts manufacturers. It has replaced imported same line of products and the market coverage area has reached more than twenty provinces & cities in China. Currently more than twenty varieties are available including J60(J50), J60-C, WGJ60, HIC(J815), K27, J75(T04B), H73B(H73B-2), HC5A(HC5A-2), J100, J11(J110) and SJ150.
Physics & chemical capability
Component Density (g/cm3) Rigidity (HRF) sF Micro structure
Sn: 9-11%
Pb: 9-11%
>=7.7 >=38-40 >=1078  

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